The Kingdom of Morocco is a melting pot of cultures made diverse by
successive newcomers. Communities here live in harmony, each
respecting others' differences.

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The numerous migrations that Morocco has experienced have created a spirit of tolerance and openness. Today Islam, Christianity and Judaism enrich one another spiritually and intellectually through the sharing and transmission of their culture.

The first inhabitants of Morocco, the Berbers are one of the pillars of the country and are contributing a new strength to the modern Morocco. The Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture was set up on October 17th, 2001. Since then Berber has become recognized as an official language. It is now included in school syllabuses and on national radio and television stations. The richness of Amazigh tradition is expressed most clearly during the Timitar festival in Agadir.





Down the centuries, Morocco has been able to encourage cohabitation between cultures. Mutual respect between religions practiced here has given birth to a peaceful society which shares traditions and values. Moroccan Islam's capacity to adapt to the constant evolution of society and to scientific, social and cultural progress ensures it a long-term future and respect.

Morocco has always encouraged a spirit of dialogue between religions for the promotion of progress and peace. Israel posthumously awarded the title of "Just among the Nations" to former sovereign Mohammed V for refusing to apply the racist laws of Vichy, thereby protecting Morocco's Jewish community.



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Shiny Moments

Beaches or mountains : it is important to know what temperatures and
weather conditions to expect at different times of the year.

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Morocco offers the guaranty of excellent quality sunshine for most of the year. The spring is particularly warm and pleasant. In spring temperatures are around 23-26 °C in Agadir and Marrakech. The trees are in bloom and the mountain peaks still have snow on them… making for fantastic photos.

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The Atlantic and Mediterranean climate provides mild temperatures all year round on the coasts. On the uplands, winter is cold and damp. That is why you can go skiing in the mid-range Atlas mountains which are covered in snow, at the same time that others are swimming in Agadir !

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The hot summer temperatures are kept in check on the coast by the sea breeze. On the far side of the upper Atlas mountains, the south of the country experiences high temperatures (38 °C on average). Take advantage of the cool and the exquisite climate of the mountains in summer. For example, as in the Ifrane valley (at 1 650m altitude) with its pastures, woodlands and waterfalls. In Morocco, a suitable climate is never far away, no matter the season !

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This is the season for rest: nights are longer and temperatures fall inland. The winter rains have not yet arrived and it is still pleasant to swim in the sea.